The ability to reproduce is often taken totally for granted, but unfortunately fertility is incredibly sensitive – to everything from fluctuations in emotions, to overall physical health, to weight and age.

Female fertility peaks around twenty five, after which it begins to decline, against a backdrop of increasing warnings that women in their 30s risk difficulties becoming pregnant. In addition, a key factor in fertility can be weight – women who are very underweight or very overweight can find it far harder to conceive. Research has shown that women with a BMI over the normal range can take twice as long to conceive, and for those with a BMI below the normal range it can take even longer.

Women suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), for which weight gain and irregular ovulation are common symptoms, often struggle with fertility issues. However, although becoming pregnant can be very difficult, and PCOS sufferers may have a greater risk of miscarriage, it is not impossible. There are medications that can be used to stabilize hormone levels, and encourage ovulation. What’s more, there is some evidence to suggest that periods become more regular after a pregnancy.

Fertility can be a minefield, but for all women, there are plenty of ways that it can be boosted. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, giving up smoking, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, and eating a balanced and nutritious diet, can all be hugely beneficial. However, for some women this can be difficult to do without support. In particular, women with PCOS may find controlling their weight a struggle, but others too may find the pressures of habit, work, family and friends difficult to overcome. For women suffering from eating disorders, or with a history of eating disorders, gaining weight can provoke intense anxiety.


  • You have very painful or very irregular periods.
  • Your BMI is under 18.5 or over 30.
  • You suffer from PCOS.
  • You are under excessive stress.
  • You are approaching 40.
  • Your lifestyle is unhealthy
  • You are an athlete, or train regularly to a high level.



Our private doctor will assess your health history, organise necessary scans, carry out health checks and make referrals to other healthcare professionals


Our dietician can devise a carefully balanced diet plan to boost fertility and / or manage safe and effective weight loss or gain. They can also support a healthy and happy pregnancy with a programme for optimal nutrition.


Our therapists can support you working through any stress and anxiety connected with low fertility or infertility, assist you in dealing with the psychological elements around weight gain or weight loss, and any fears around a changing body shape


A course of manual lymphatic drainage treatments can be beneficial to regulate hormone production and lower stress levels to increase chances of getting pregnant.