Why Do People Hesitate Before Signing Up?

Deciding to lose weight, or to reduce the risk of disease, are big life decisions. They take time, effort and thought. It means change from the comfort of what you are already doing to the unknown of something different. Have I already put you off?


Buying a home, entering a relationship and choosing a holiday are also big life decisions that deserve careful consideration. You know that there is a price to pay – money, a new environment, your heart – so why wouldn’t you be careful about the choice you make.


If you are looking at the WeightMatters website, there is a good chance you are here for a reason. The pain of your reality has driven you to search for solutions to create change. You may be feeling fat, which makes you unhappy. Perhaps your eating behaviour is out of control, and this scares you. Maybe you have a health risk, and your weight is a factor in this. Whatever your pain, you are searching for a solution. We can help.


People hesitate before signing up with WeightMatters, or any other programme, because they are overwhelmed by the thought of change. They are afraid of changing their habits and lifestyle they enjoy. Some people use the excuse of being too busy to make changes to their lifestyle. Others believe they will fail because of the failed diet attempts from their past. Of course, cost and value for money plays into the equation too. If I haven’t mentioned your concern, please let me know!


I know that WeightMatters can deal with any and all of these concerns. We have 4 years of experience and hundreds of happy and healthy clients to vouch for us! The reason the WeightMatters approach works is our ability to listen to your needs, look at the big picture and create a tailored approach and programme designed around you – the individual person. Bottom line, we use our holistic approach to match your needs. Each and everyone of our clients is different, so the way we work with them and the recovery programme we create for them is unique. We are the project managers of your health! Ok, I’m getting carried away here.


When I set the company up, after recovering from my own Binge Eating issues, I wanted to give people a place where we can answer all their questions and provide a 5-star service in our efficient treatment of their problems. And that’s what I have created.


We really can help you achieve the results you desire in the shortest time frame possible, with the least amount of pain and effort. So before you go hunting around for another solution, please pick up the phone or send us an email and ask us how we can specifically help you.


WeightMatters is about helping you change the way you feel about your body.


Cal us today on 020 7499 8922 or email info@weightmatters.co.uk – and let’s take the first step to lasting change.