Food – Helping You to Cope with Grief



The relationship between grief and food can manifest itself in many different ways, looking at it in a positive way it can help people to come to terms with their loss and also create a lasting activity that will provide them with remembrance and memories. 


A death of a close friend or family member can leave you without an appetite and no desire to cook, but food can also play a part in helping you to cope with your grief.

Cooking dishes that were the deceased favourite, or that bring back special memories of good times can help you to cope with your grief, as clinical psychologist Dr Claudia Herbert says, 

“Food is a connective aspect in our lives and they would have probably shared many experiences that would have involved the preparation, shopping for or sharing of food and taste experiences – this can lead to memories which can be triggered in a positive or negative way. It may lead to sad or bitter reaction earlier in the bereavement process, but later on a reminder may connect them to the loving memories they shared. It can give them a sense of comfort and eating the food may bring them back to the good times they enjoyed.”

Some are even taking the idea of cooking and grief a step further with a keen cook creating a special recipe book containing special recipes from family and friends that can be cherished and passed on for generations. 

And there are even cooking classes to help those who relied on a partner to cook and are now having to make do on their own, not only are they taught essential skills in the kitchen but they get to learn to make dishes that they request, usually as it was a favourite or reminds them of the one they have lost. 

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