Worrying rise in sugary soft drinks consumption





Referring to a recent study published by Credit Suisse in the US, we need to report a worrying increase in the consumption of sugary drinks in the last 30 years.


Excessive sugar consumption is linked to the risk of developing diabetes and obesity and has no nutritional value while spiking the total calorie intake per day.


In the US alone, calorie consumption skyrocketed from 3,100 calories per day in 1965 to 3,900 calories per day in 2012.


Research found that a percentage of these extra calories comes from eating out – fast food joints mainly where sugary soft drinks are presented as part of a meal.


Countries with a higher GDP (gross domestic product) per person like the United States tend to consume more soft drinks; however countries like Chile and Argentina are following in the US’ footsteps. The UK consumes half as many sugary drinks compared to the US, while Asian countries like India, China and Indonesia have the lowest levels of soft drinks consumption.


Sources: http://www.businessinsider.com/us-calorie-consumption-surged-in-the-80s-2013-9