There is strong evidence linking erectile dysfunction with obesity. Fatty deposits that build up in arteries, specifically to the penis, will restrict blood flow. Obesity also causes a change in hormone activity and other healthy chemical events that produce an erection.
Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get a proper erection, and is not unusual for almost all men on certain occasion. However, for most men it is only temporary, possibly caused by tiredness, stress or having drunk too much alcohol. If the erectile dysfunction is persistent, it could be a signal of more serious physical or psychological problems.

The most typical physical cause of erectile dysfunction is reduced blood flow to the penis, due to narrowing of the arteries. This narrowing is similar to the symptoms of heart disease, and may raise alarm bells around high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Less common causes may be low levels of testosterone, possibly due to a previous head injury, or injuries to the spine or pelvic areas. Excessive alcohol or drug abuse can be a contributory factor, and erectile function can be a side effect of anti-depressants.

The most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are stress and depression, although relationship problems and issues from childhood can also be a significant factor. If the dysfunction is intermittent, it is more likely to have a psychological cause than a physical one.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable via lifestyle changes, medication or therapy. In cases where the arteries in the penis have narrowed and weight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol are contributing factors, a healthy diet, weight loss and stopping smoking can help.

High blood pressure, combined with the narrowing of arterial blood flow make erectile dysfunction a warning symptom for heart disease.

Our clinic will support men who are obese and struggle with erectile dysfunction.


  • You are under a lot of stress.
  • You find it difficult to become hard.
  • You often lose stiffness after becoming erect.
  • You smoke and / or are overweight and quite sedentary.



Our doctor will undertake relevant tests to discover the underlying causes of your condition. Medication may be prescribed and referrals made if necessary


Our dietician can provide a tailored diet plan to support weight loss, manage the symptoms of diabetes or help lower cholesterol


Our therapists can support you in overcoming your depression, managing your stress levels and exploring emotional issues that may be inhibiting libido