Ageing brings with it many changes – emotional, psychological and physical – and weight is one factor that can play an important part in these changes. Older people can be prone to unintentional weight loss at one extreme, and obesity at the other – both can have significant implications for overall health.

Some older people, despite having small appetites, still require vitamins, minerals and protein necessary to maintain overall health. With support from our dietician we can show you how to achieve this through food management techniques. Updating your diet with appropriate foods, and/or combination of vitamin and mineral supplements, can change the way you feel in a short period of time.

There are strong links to diet and depression, and by changing and updating the way that you eat it can almost feel like lifting a dark cloud away. Having more energy and feeling brighter can empower older patients to tackle any emotional or psychological issues they may be facing in their life.

A brighter disposition, good fuel entering the body with a healthy diet and a place to talk about any issues of concern can really transform the health of an older patient. We can monitor any health issues and provide treatment options around weight loss and weight gain that can improve overall health.