Obesity is a serious condition that has significant impact on health, but it is also correlated with several other conditions that can be debilitating, hugely damaging to quality of life, or at worst life threatening.

As weight increases strain is put on all systems within the body. This can be due to fatty deposits, systems overworking to maintain homeostasis or stress and other hormones that negatively affect the efficiency of how the body works.

Being underweight also has serious affects to your health. There are a multitude of psychological and emotional symptoms that occur when food is either consciously restricted, or when malnutrition is a result of health treatment.

Diets high in fat and refined sugar affect the fine balance of chemicals and receptor sites in the brain. The result is a heightened craving for more of these unhealthy foods, which in turn leads to overeating and the maintenance of this unhealthy eating cycle.

Treatment needs to be holistic, focusing on recovery from your presenting symptoms, making necessary changes to your lifestyle and repairing the underlying causes that have lead to your condition.