An important meeting, a job interview, a vital exam, and many other uncertain or stressful situations can all be triggers for anxiety. This is natural and in fact we may need adrenalin in these situations to help us focus. But at times, or in particular contexts, our anxiety can become so severe that it leaves us feeling totally overwhelmed and out of control. In these circumstances food and eating can be the pressure valve to release these feelings. Bingeing on feel-good “naughty” foods, and the influx of insulin to the system can neutralize the stress hormones, producing a relaxing effect. Many people suffering from obesity may relate to these experiences, and may be caught in an endless cycle of diets and bingeing.

Equally, the obesity and the lessening of self-confidence around appearance and ability to take part in certain day-to-day activities can be a source of anxiety. In cases where high blood pressure is an additional factor, this can increase the risk of other medical complications such as heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Some people hold a historical memory of anxiety in their body, that can be reactivated during certain trigger events in the here and now. While others may become anxious and fearful about their ability to cope with certain relationships, and the need to address things like conflict.

Anxiety is both physiological and psychological, and the use of food can blur and numb it’s effects. Our treatment of anxiety is holistic, looking at all factors that may be precipitating and maintaining your anxiety, and providing you with tools of change.


  • Tiredness, loss of energy and insomnia.
  • Feelings of panic or even panic attacks
  • Obsessive thinking patterns
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Physical symptoms: shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea, muscle tension, dizziness, indigestion, diarrhea



Our doctor will assess the impacts that both obesity and anxiety are having on overall health, make referrals or prescribe medication if necessary


Our dietician will design a tailor-made programme to suit your needs, so you can manage your bingeing and support healthy weight loss.


Our therapists will help the you explore and understand the root causes of your anxiety, and support you in finding alternative ways to overcome your symptoms


Your body therapist can help you manage your anxiety levels with a course of massage treatments to release tension and relax mind and body.