Making the decision to have a baby is hugely exciting for lots of reasons, but equally, it can become a stressful process. Fertility is sensitive to changes in both physical and emotional health, and there is strong evidence that weight can play a very important role. Women with a body mass index (BMI) that falls outside the normal range, may find becoming pregnant more difficult. This could place a particular strain on women who have a history of eating disorders or issues around disordered eating, who may find the need to put on weight very scary, or even find that food and eating becomes a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant. This stress can continue into pregnancy, as weight gain becomes necessary, some women may find their concern over the long-term impact on their body shape plunges them into a period of anxiety and depression.

Serious though the psychological and emotional factors of pregnancy are, the potential for physical health risks may be even more significant. Failing to gain sufficient weight can result in low birth weights in their baby and other complications such as respiratory complications, feeding difficulties and poor development. Alternatively, putting on too much weight can bring about the risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes or overweight babies and increase the risk of complications around and during the time of delivery/child birth. Women who continue to purge during pregnancy, may suffer the effects of poor nutrition, dehydration and cardiac irregularities exacerbated by pregnancy.


  • Your BMI is lower than 18.5 or over 30.
  • You have suffered from an eating disorder or disordered eating in the past.
  • You experience periods of feeling very low or anxious.
  • You are suffering from extreme tiredness.
  • You are excessively thirsty and are passing a lot of urine.
  • Your vision is blurred.



Our Doctor can treat the physical symptoms of your pregnancy, predict potential problems, and offer advice on how to avoid them for a healthy pregnancy. Our doctor can also make referrals for a specialist consultation if necessary.


Our Dietician will take a holistic approach, and design a nutritionally balanced eating programme to support your pregnancy based on your needs and requirements. After the birth, guidance can also be offered on a realistic and healthy plan to return to a pre-pregnancy weight.


Our therapists can support you to work through any psychological hurdles you may be facing as you try to get pregnant or deal with the reality of pregnancy. They can provide an environment in which you can talk openly about your feelings and together you can develop a mental toolkit of skills so you can enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Your body therapist can assist you during the pregnancy with a course of therapeutic massage treatments to soothe aching muscles, relieve discomfort from water retention and give a general sense of wellbeing.