Weight Loss and Water


Comment: Advice such as drinking water when you are dieting to help weight loss can be commonly found, but is there a  basis for it? By pooling and reviewing research into such issues we can get a clearer picture of how accurate and helpful such advice really is.



Research: Oftentimes people who are trying to lose weight are recommended to drink water to aid the weight loss, but there is little evidence to show that this actually the case. 

A new review of information has gathered all the evidence in the area and found that for those who were dieting, drinking water helped with weight loss after 3-12 months. It also found that for those who were not on a diet drinking water had no impact on weight control. So overall the review found that drinking water can help with weight loss, though more investigation is needed to be sure of the weight effects of drinking water when not dieting. 

Original article can be found here: http://www.nutrition-communications.co.uk/news_detail.php?news_id=355